iGoOffice - Microsoft Office Edition - Templates for MS Word Documents, Powerpoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets App Reviews

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this app

this app is a rip off you can’t do anything with it. apple shouldnot even allow on the App Store.

can’t use

I can’t use this and please cancel the purchased




I absolutely would not recomend this app! Money waster! Again i also thought it was going to be amazing app and i was sucked in to buying it then i cannot use it. Don’t waste your $$!

No refunds...Looks like a program package but it’s only templates

The App package looks like a program package, but it’s really nothimg more than a template program. The worst part about this is, I tried to “return” it in the Apple App store, and it wont’ allow me to return it.

I don't know why it is so expensive, but not work.

I just think there will many templates that I can easily use it, but the truth is that I can't use those beautiful templates at all. Many of them are locked, and you must do the other step that you must buy it again. First I think it must be kidding me, maybe the website is not work, but I know that it's not a joke after I tried a few times. I really think it will be the best app in my all app. But now I don't think so. It's than I thought, but it's about bad things. I can't undestand why it worth this price. If you provide this price, I can also choose the cheap one. Overall it is not my type about office templates. I will looking for other template app.

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